WSJ’s Shane Harris: ‘Donald Trump Is Sort of out There Alone Right Now on This Russia Question’

‘The Russia question loomed large over every one of these areas’


HARRIS: "Which is a fascinating revelation. If that is true, a man who is not yet the national security adviser maybe engaging in foreign policy. The Russia question loomed large over every one of these areas and particularly for Mike pompeii on where you got prcket President-Elect Trump at war with an intelligence community he still hasn’t fully embraced their view that Russia is behind the political hacks of the DNC and John Podesta. This extraordinary tension that has now erupted into the surface where you’ve got a president-elect essentially thinking that the CIA is out to get him. Mike Pompeo walks into the middle of that fire storm and has to serve the president and the work force he is about to lead. What senators clearly wanted to know yesterday, where do you come down on this idea of whether Russia is a foe or an ally and where do you come down whether they were behind the hacks? Like the other nominees you saw at the beginning in that reel he says Russia not an ally and thinks he is behind the hacks. That puts him on the other side of the president-elect. Donald Trump is sort of out there alone right now on this Russia question."


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