MSNBC Suffers Bizarre Technical Meltdown After Ignatius Starts Talking About Russia

‘Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia’

Hours After RT Interrupts CSPAN, MSNBC Experiences Bizarre ‘Russia’ Glitch (The Daily Caller)

A bizarre technical glitch interrupted The Washington Post’s David Ignatius during a Thursday appearance on MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews.

Ignatius was talking about President-elect Donald Trump’s cabinet nominees taking “a hard line on Russia,” when a glitch made Ignatius appear to say “Russia” several times in succession.

The MSNBC glitch occurred just hours after RT overtook CSPAN’s confirmation feed for a full ten minutes. An MSNBC spokesman told CNN’s Brian Stelter that, “the show was pre-taped but there was a technical glitch that was resolved in a matter of seconds."

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