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MSNBC’s Matthews Likens Jared Kushner Hire to Uday and Qusay Hussein
‘Nobody is going to mess with the guy’


MATTHEWS: "If this guy, this son-in-law gets to be the Uday or Qusay in the White House, nobody is going to mess with the guy. He is the son-in-law of the president. He would be like a viceroy. And if he gets a secretary and he gets a desk and he gets a phone and a title and he's working in the West Wing, who cares whether he's getting a salary or not? This seems to be a violation of the spirit of the anti-nepotism law which came into effect when Bobby Kennedy was named by his brother to be attorney general. It's clearly against the principal of the United States. By the way, according the budget office, I went through the papers that we just showed, executive office of the president is an agency. So I don't know why this doesn't shatter the law." 

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