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Tillerson: We Should Have Insisted on the Return Cop Killers as Condition of Establishing Relations with Cuba
‘The Cuban people got almost nothing’

MENENDEZ: "The Cuban commission for human rights and national reconciliation which works within Cuba documented more than 8,600 politically motivated detentions of government opponents and activists during the year. There’s group of women who march every Sunday to church with gladiolas. They’re called ‘the women in white.’ They get beaten savagely simply because of their peaceful protest. Now, I would hope that you would agree with me that if our engagement is still going to allow that to take place, then something is wrong with our engagement and something felt short. And I have a specific question on Cuba: Do you think that as a condition of establishing diplomatic relations with Cuba, we at a minimum should have insisted of the return of fugitives and cop killers like New Jersey cop killer are JoAnne Chesimard and other American fugitives of justice being harbored by the Castro regime?” 
TILLERSON: “I do, senator.” 

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