William Smith: ‘I Have Not Seen the Slightest Evidence of Racism’ from Jeff Sessions

‘He will do an outstanding job’

SMITH: "He is a man who has dedicated his life to public service and in the course of that, he has actually fought often for the disenfranchised. He fought for citizen reform, and not only did he fight for it, he accomplished it. He fought for civil rights. He prosecuted members of the Ku Klux Klan and most importantly, he has fought for the liberty of all Americans regardless of the color of their skin for their personal beliefs. This is the way it should be. After 20 years of knowing Senator Sessions, I have not seen the slightest evidence of racism because it does not exist. I know a racist when I see one, and I’ve seen more than one. But Jeff Sessions is not one. Senator Sessions has served with distinction throughout his career as a United States attorney, as attorney general for Alabama and as a member of this body. The legal profession is better for his service. This body is better for his service. And this country, at the end of its term, will be better for his service. And every season, Jeff Sessions has been measured, courteous, and kind. He has treated me and everyone respectfully and fairly, not showing favoritism at any point. This is the kind of attorney general that our nation needs. I applaud his selection. I look forward to his swift confirmation. Thank you."

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