John Lewis Testifies Against Sessions: ‘We Need Someone ... Who Is Going to Look out for All of Us’

‘Millions of Americans are encouraged by our country’s efforts to create a more inclusive democracy during the last 50 years’

LEWIS: "It doesn’t matter how Senator Sessions may smile, how friendly he may be, how he may speak to you, but we need someone who is going to stand up, speak up, and speak out for the people that need help, for people who have been discriminated against, and it doesn’t matter whether they are black or white, Latino, Asian-American, or Native American, whether they are straight or gay, Muslim, Christian, or Jews, we all live in the same house, the American house. We need someone as attorney general who is going to look out for all of us and not just for some of us. I ran out of time. Thank you for giving me a chance to testify."

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