ABC Hypes ‘American Idol’s Congressional Run’ of Democrat Clay Aiken

‘It means you’ve got national name recognition, a fund-raising base, excitement generated around your candidacy’

After Big Promotional Push By Networks, Democrat Clay Aiken Leads By 372 Votes (NewsBusters)

After a big promotional push by ABC and NBC, Democratic House candidate Clay Aiken leads his primary opponent by 372 votes out of 28,000 cast on Tuesday. According to Good Morning America on Wednesday, the "American Idol congressional candidate" may pull out a razor thin victory.  Co-host Lara Spencer enthused, "Clay Aiken in the public eye for almost a decade,  making headlines for his songs, his personal life and now a run at the United States Congress."

Spencer stated the obvious, noting, "He was considered by many the underdog. [Primary opponent Keith] Crisco outspent him by nearly a half million dollars." However, the liberal candidate has had a lot of help from journalists. On February 6, Mara Schiavocampo enthused, "Well, simply put, he is a long shot but that hasn't stopped Aiken from throwing his hat in the ring." 

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