Jake Tapper on Russian Hacking: ‘Isn’t This All a Huge Failure of the Obama Admin?’

‘To be perfectly candid, isn’t this all a huge failure on the Obama Administration in terms of cyber security’

TAPPER: "Obviously, if Russia committed this interference as the U.S. Intelligence community says it did, this Russia's doing. On another level, to be perfectly candid, isn't this all a huge failure on the Obama Administration in terms of the cyber security. All this happened on his watch to his party and to the detriment of his would be successor, Hillary Clinton."
KLOBUCHAR: "It's easy to cast blame. This has happened to other countries as well. In our country I don't think we were ready to think that a major nation like Russia would get into this kind of mess with our own country. Do I wish we had done things differently? Yes. Do I wish we had responded more quickly? Yes."

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