Rand: I Won’t Vote for a Budget that Never Balances and Adds $9.7 Trillion to the Debt to Repeal ObamaCare

‘We could repeal ObamaCare and we could vote for replacement the same day’


CARLSON: “You said “My first act would be to repeal the abomination which is ObamaCare” now it appears you’re preventing that.”

PAUL: “Actually, not quite. No one is offended by ObamaCare more than myself. I’ve seen it up close, I’ve seen it firsthand, I’ll do anything to get rid of it. However, I don’t want to have to vote for a budget that never balances and a budget that adds $9.7 trillion in debt in order to get to it. What I told my colleagues is, why don’t we introduce a good budget? When the balances and then repeal ObamaCare? The rules and Congress are you can’t repeal it until you pass a budget. But what is and be a bad budget? We are not getting any Democrats to vote for the budget. This is in a compromise with Democrats. Were going to vote for a budget. This is a Republican product, why should it not be a vision of conservative budget, a fiscal conservatism Russian mark why is it a budget that adds so much debt?”


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