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Ingraham: Tariff on America Companies Going Abroad Is a ‘Winner Issue Across Party Lines’
‘People understand that we need good paying manufacturing jobs in this country’

INGRAHAM: "So I think when people hear these stories about American companies going abroad and then getting that type of tax-free treatment coming back into the country with a product that they make overseas, it just — it roils people on the inside. I think people understand that we need good-paying manufacturing jobs in this country. We need to create an environment, which I think the Trump team is working on doing with tax reform, corporate tax reform, and other incentives for these companies to stay here. Of course, there’s going to be regulation, but not the type of choking regulation that is really hampering business development, business creation, and businesses thriving in this country. It’s a winner issue across party lines, so I’m not surprised that they’re hitting it today."

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