Alan Lichtman: Obama Legacy Will Be Subject of ‘Enormous Controversy’

‘Obama legacy is so divided and is going to be a subject of enormous controversy among my brethren, the historians, for a long time to come’

Prognosticator Allan Lichtman: Obama Legacy Will Be Subject Of "Enormous Controversy" (RealClearPolitics)

American University professor Allan Lichtman and election prognosticator explains how he was able to correctly predict that Donald Trump would win the presidency. Lichtman, who has predicted every election correctly since 1984, said his methodology is based on the idea that elections are referendums.

"I predicted the win by ignoring the pundits and ignoring the pollsters and ignoring the day-to-day events of the campaign," Lichtman said Monday afternoon on MSNBC. "Instead I kept my eye on the big picture as gauged by the keys to the White House, my historically based prediction system, that has been accurate since 1984, and is based on the proposition that elections are primarily referenda on the strength and performance of the party in power."

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