Kinzinger: I Hope Trump Sees Russia as a Real Threat and ‘Not Something to Take Lightly’

‘Donald Trump has made strong statements’


KINZINGER: "Look, I’ve been a military pilot for a while. Congressman now for I’ll be starting my seventh year. Ever since I’ve been in office, we’ve seen the Russians pushing back against America. Donald Trump has made strong statements and I think he means it about America reclaiming its role in the world but the Russians have been our chief adversary in pushing us out in those areas. There are dead innocent civilians in Syria, children, there are chirp dead in Syria today because of Russia propping up an evil dictator with Iran, with Iran. To say somehow Russia is our friend — I hope the president Trump — I look forward to working with him domestically and internationally but I hope he sees this Russia is a real thing and not something to take lightly or trivially."

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