Giuliani on Obama: ‘I’ve Never Seen a President Try to Create More Problems for a Future President’

‘I find it extraordinary what President Obama is doing’

GIULIANI: "I find this all part of what is extraordinary in what President Obama is doing. I’ve never seen a president try to create more problems for a future president. First, he double crosses Israel and after many times and many other presidents vetoing the condemnation of Israel for taking the settlements he does it and creates lack of leverage for Israel and the United States in trying to trade land for peace or try other negotiations in the last hours of his presidency. He completely double-crosses one of our biggest allies, and now after 18 months of this hacking he does something about it. Why didn’t he do something about it 18 months ago? It wouldn’t have happened. Somebody can honestly say none of this would have happened if President Obama had been awake — if President Obama had listened to Mitt Romney when Mitt Romney said Russia was a threat and he laughed at him."

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