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Grabien Exclusive: ‘Seven Times the Administration Blamed Benghazi on a Video’
Grabien takes a quick look back at the days and weeks following the attacks on our consulate on September 11th, 2012

On this morning State of the Union, CNN’s Jamie Gangel sat down with Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), where she picked the Republican presidential candidate’s brain on a variety of topics. Such as:

  • Why is Donald Trump beating you in your home state?
  • What do you think about Donald Trump saying he’s going to win with Hispanics?
  • Is Donald Trump more in tune with Republicans on immigration than you are?
  • Are you comfortable with Donald Trump having “his finger on the button”?
  • Is Donald Trump “ready to be commander in chief”?
  • If he’s the nominee, will you “enthusiastically support him”?
  • “Do you think there needs to be a Stop Trump movement”?

If that sounds like there were a lot of questions about Donald Trump, that’s because there were. In the five-and-a-half-minutes interview, Gangel asked eight questions about Donald Trump. The only other topic they hit was Rubio’s missed Senate votes while campaigning.

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