Steve McMahon: Donald Trump Is ‘Dangerous’ for This Country

‘I think Donald Trump is a dangerous president-elect’


MCMAHON: "Well I mean, I think it will be difficult given some of the things that Donald Trump does every single day. But I -- but I also believe that -- that President Obama was deeply grateful to George W. Bush when he left the White House for president -- former President Bush’s willingness to basically stay quiet, let the Obama administration settle into place, pursue the policies that they wanted to pursue because they had won an election. And -- and I think the president -- President Obama really appreciated that and I think he feels like he owes that to the president-elect. And frankly, you know, as a Democrat, even though I think Donald Trump is a dangerous president-elect for this country, I think it’s the right thing. I mean, he’s trying to support the president in ways that he can and help the president-elect can be successful."

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