MSNBC Panel Fights over Trump’s Charity Concerns: ‘I Know You’re Partisan, But Be Respectful’

‘Be respectful, Julian!’

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‘I Know You’re Partisan, But Be Respectful’: MSNBC Panel Fights Over Trump’s Charity Concerns (Mediaite)

Things heated up on MSNBC today when Republican strategist Adolfo Franco and Democratic strategist Julian Epstein fought over the implications of Donald Trump‘s decision to shut down his charity organization.

The president-elect made the announcement over the weekend, saying the he would dissolve the Donald J. Trump Foundation in order to “avoid even the appearance of any conflict with my role as President.” Trump’s charity has the subject of conflict of interest concerns, and the it won’t be permitted to dissolve until the New York Attorney General’s office completes their investigation into several questionable developments surrounding it.

Epstein argued that Trump will be impeached as soon as he takes office, due to violating the Emoluments Clause and accepting foreign donations. Franco shot back that Democrats were “eager to create a crisis” to oust Trump, and the segment started to dissolve when Epstein fought with him about whether Trump would keep accepting these types of payments.

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