Tucker on CNN’s Stelter Helping Airline Video Go Viral: I Was Convinced He Wanted To Be Hillary’s Press Secretary

‘How does he get to pose as a media critic on purportedly nonpartisan news station?’


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STELTER: “Fake news has become a plague on the web and especially on social ç networks like Facebook there are so many unreliable sources about this election. So we need a new rule for the web. Triple check before you share.”

[clip ends]

CARLSON: “This is a guy who said there were hundred drildz of swastikas being painted on a building. I was convinced he wanted to be Hillary’s press secretary. That’s fine. He has a political point of view. Is he a Progressive. Is he activist. How does he get to pose as a media critic on purportedly nonpartisan news station.”

CONCHA: “Let me give that you quote first, tucker. I found it remarkable. He said about trump supporters six days after trump was elected. We are seeing hundreds of swastikas. Racist language, assault or bullying across the country. This has been disproofn completely. No one can verify anything around hundreds of swastikas or hundreds of people being beaten around the country did. Brian Stelzer apologize? No. Did he retract? No. Was there any accountability from management? No. You have inmates running the asylum and that’s the problem here. I say a new year’s resolution, tucker, basically journalists that purport to be straight news reporters, like had you Kirk eicken Wald last week you proved him to be advocate. Brian Stelzer should change the name of ç his show countdown with Brian sellser. Conservative media bias calling out trump every turn. People will respect the fact is he being transparent.”


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