Coons: ‘I Would Argue Yes’ Obama Was ‘Too Cautious’ with Russian Hacking

‘I’m encouraged to see real bipartisan efforts by senior senators both Republican and Democrat to call for a select committee to specifically investigate this incident’

MITCHELL: "Was President Obama too cautious in the run-up to the election?"
COONS: "I would argue yes. But I’ll tell you as a senator, it was perfectly clear to me that we had an ongoing challenge. Back in August I sent a letter to Senator Cruz who chairs the oversight subcommittee of judiciary on which I serve as the ranking member calling for hearings in September about the impact on our election of Russian hacking. Frankly, it got very little attention in the news media and although I worked with a number of my colleagues to try and elevate the issue, some of my Republican colleagues simply brushed off these allegations as a partisan motivated attack before the election."

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