Dem Congressman Bennie Thompson: All Criticism of Obama is Racist

‘All of a sudden, government is the worst thing in the world since a black man became president’

Democratic Congressman Makes Shocking Racial Comments About Republicans, Clarence Thomas, Mitch McConnell (Buzzfeed)

A Mississippi Democratic Congressman says Clarence Thomas is an “Uncle Tom,” Mitch McConnell is a “racist,” and that Republicans are only anti-big government and anti-Obamacare because President Obama is black. Rep. Bennie Thompson made the comments over the weekend while appearing on a New Nation of Islam radio program.

“I’ve been in Washington. I saw three presidents now. I never saw George Bush treated like this. I never saw Bill Clinton treated like this with such disrespect,” Thompson said. “That Mitch McConnell would have the audacity to tell the president of the United States — not the chief executive, but the commander-in-chief — that ‘I don’t care what you come up with we’re going to be against it.’ Now if that’s not a racist statement I don’t know what is.”

Thompson adds at 2:40 in the video that the governor of Mississippi was against expanding Medicaid through Obamacare “just because a black man created it.”

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