Mark Cuban on Sterling: ‘In This Country, People Are Allowed To Be Morons’

‘They’re allowed to be stupid. They’re allowed to think idiotic thoughts’

Mark Cuban on Donald Sterling: 'People are allowed to be morons' (Los Angeles Times)

Mark Cuban called the recent comments about blacks purportedly made by Donald Sterling "abhorrent."

The Dallas Mavericks owner even went as far as to say of his Clippers counterpart: "He's obviously racist, he's obviously bigoted."

But, Cuban said, even those kinds of people are allowed to own NBA teams in this country. So, therefore, Sterling should not be forced out of the league.

"In this country, people are allowed to be morons," Cuban said Monday night in Dallas' locker room before Game 4 of the Mavericks' playoff series against San Antonio. "They're allowed to be stupid. They're allowed to think idiotic thoughts .... Within an organization like the NBA, we try to do what's in the best interest of the league and that's why we have a commissioner and a constitution and I think Adam [Silver] will be smart and deal with Donald with the full extent available.

"But, again, if you're saying a blanket, 'Let's kick him out?' I don't want to go that far because it's not about Donald, it's not about his position, it's about his mess -- and what are we going to make a decision on?"

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