Ed Klein: Comey Told Trump that CIA’s Brennan Politicized the CIA in the Same Way Eric Holder Politicized DOJ

‘I don’t think John Brennan will survive Donald Trump’

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Ed Klein: FBI Director Comey Told Donald Trump That CIA Director John Brennan Has Politicized The CIA In The Same Way Eric Holder Politicized DOJ (RealClearPolitics)

Author Ed Klein told Friday's edition of 'Fox & Friends' that he has a "high level" source who told him that FBI Director James Comey personally called president-elect Donald Trump and told him that there is no evidence that Russia hacked the U.S. election specifically to help Trump, and that the only person who thinks that such a thing happened is CIA Director John Brennan. Klein says that Comey told Trump that Brennan has politicized the operations of the CIA "in the same way that Eric Holder politicized the Justice Department."

ED KLEIN: What I can tell you is that James Comey, the director of the FBI, called Donald Trump and said there is no credible evidence that Vladimir Putin or any other Russian intended to throw the election to Trump, and that the only person in the entire intelligence community that thinks that is John Brennan of the CIA...

STEVE DOOCY: Is there any suggestion that this is a political hit job? 

KLEIN: The interesting thing is that what James Comey... told the president-elect is that he believes that John Brennan has politicized the CIA in the same way that Eric Holder politicized the Justice Department...

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