Powers: ‘Certainly Appears’ that the Russians Were Trying to Help Trump

‘The question is did they help Donald Trump?’

POWERS: "She has sent -- in one of her last memos before she left as secretary of state, she had suggested the fact that the Obama Administration snubbed Putin, that they should not flatter him, the kind of things I think we’ve seen from Donald Trump a little bit. It certainly appears that they were trying to help Donald Trump. The question is did they help Donald Trump. It doesn’t appear this was actually a major factor in the election. That doesn’t mean it’s not a serious issue. I think it should be investigated. I think we need to look into what the FBI was doing, the things that John Podesta brought up, for example. And I think that we need to be much more extensive hearings on this issue. But I do think there’s a problem with suggesting that this was determinative in the election. Even the Clinton campaign has really pointed more at FBI Director Comey’s letter as being more, you know, having a direct impact. Whether that’s true or not we can set it aside. That’s their argument. There's not a lot of argument that the leaked e-mails were determinative in changing the election.”

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