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Branson: I Can’t Believe a ‘Majority’ of Trump’s Cabinet Are Climate Change Deniers
‘What I’m actually hopeful is that [Tillerson] isn’t a climate denier’

BRANSON: "Look, 190 countries at Paris signed up to, and pledged that we would be carbon neutral by 2050. The world is working as one to get to carbon neutrality by 2050. We have to get to carbon neutrality by 2050. I can’t believe that a majority of Donald Trump’s cabinet denies what 99 percent of scientists show them as fact, and that is that the more carbon we’re putting into the Earth’s atmosphere, the more damage we’re ultimately going to do to this world. And I’m hopeful that Rex Tillerson, who knows more about this than anybody else in the cabinet, that he will stick by the comments he’s made in the past and educate the rest of his cabinet into the dangers of climate change and help business like ourselves and others do something about it.

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