Restauranteur to Customers Angry About Christmas Music: ‘We Embrace’ Christmas

‘We celebrate things in America, and traditions I think that’s what makes us special’

LUGO: "But the poor staff, anytime they get notes in the back, they always take it to heart. So they brought it to me. When I looked at it, the first thing I said was 'Man, I know we were going to be criticized by something service related, food related or something, but now the Christmas music?' I just told them 'Don’t worry about it. We’ll let the people give you opinions on this.' We just took a little snap of it and left it at that. And then before you know it, we're getting e-mails from people all over. Some people are asking us not to play it. They were coming to dinner that weekend. Some people say 'Please keep playing it.' As a restaurant, we’re in the middle of nation’s oldest city, St. Augustine, which celebrates the Christmas holiday wholeheartedly. We have famous 'Nights of Lights' that starts in November and ends in January. Our restaurant is right in the hearts of the historic district, so we embrace it." 

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