Gingrich: Trump and Ryan Capable of Uniting GOP

‘Paul Ryan is a very smart man’

GINGRICH: "It's going to be a continual tug-of-war but not a confrontation. Paul Ryan is a very, very smart man who has spent years looking at and thinking about some of the hardest issues in American politics including the entitlements, including balancing the budget, including rethinking the entire tax code. And so he has deep policy beliefs. They're not incompatible with Trump. I would argue that his border adjustment tax that he and Chairman Brady have in their draft is exactly what Trump wants and it would, in fact, be remarkably helpful with Mexico and China and others. I think there's a way for them to work together, I think they want to work together, but they're very distinct figures, and we shouldn't kid ourselves. Paul Ryan comes out of a long tradition going back to Jack Kemp. And I knew Paul -- he was actually the Kemp-designate sitting in with us in 1994 when we designed the Contract of America. So we've watched Paul Ryan grow for a long time. He's a great guy. He does have firm principles, he's very opinionated in some ways, but he's also a guy who has earned the respect of all of his colleagues. I think Trump will learn that he can get a lot done with Paul Ryan. They have to have honest, frank discussions, but they're both capable, they're both adults, and I think they're very capable of negotiating internally to get a Republican Party that's united."

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