W.H. Dodges on Underestimating ISIS in 2014

‘I think this may be a situation where we’ll take a look at the entire context of the president’s remarks’

EARNEST: "Maybe you're making a reference to an event that's not coming to mind here. What are you referring to here?"
REPORTER: "The President's statement in this interview where he said 'ISIS ability to launch a major land offensive was not on my radar.'"
EARNEST: "So you're talking about in Iraq in 2014?"
REPORTER: "Exactly."
EARNEST: "Okay. I thought this was a reference to the President's speech yesterday but now I see what you're trying to talk about. Look, I think this may be a situation where let's take a look at the President's — the entire context of the presidential marks. I think we've talked a lot about how the Iraqi security forces did not perform at a level that we expected them to, even in the face of this threat from ISIL. Yeah, that's something that I know that I talked about from here and something that the President has talked about before, but we'll take a closer look at the President's comments when they air in full time."

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