Trump: Toppling Regimes and Intervention Must Come to an End

‘Rather than a rigid dogma, we’re guided by the lessons of history and desire to promote stability’


"We're not going to be a depleted military anymore. From now on it is going to be America first, America first. We will stop racing to topple foreign -- and you understand this -- foreign regimes that we know nothing about. That we shouldn't be involved with. Instead, our focus must be on defeating terrorism and destroying ISIS. And we will. Any nation that shares these goals will be our partner in this mission. We won't forget it. We want to strengthen our friendships and seek out new friendships. Rather than a rigid dogma, we're guided by the lessons of history and desire to promote stability -- stability all over. And strength in our land. This destructive cycle of intervention and chaos must finally, folks, come to an end. Come to an end."

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