CNN’s Toobin: ‘There Is Nothing Trump Can Do’ About Flag-Burning

‘You can’t lose your citizenship’

BALDWIN: "So it would take a constitutional amendment. I'm just thinking of -- because I know there are people thinking was there any way or anything, he will be the president, that he could do? You know, he's talked about opening up libel laws, he's talked about tossing people into jail. He doesn't like flag-burning."
TOOBIN: "There's really nothing he can do. Interestingly --"
BALDWIN: "There's nothing he can do?"
TOOBIN: "-- there's another legal mistake in that tweet which is --
BALDWIN: "Throw the tweet back up again, please."
TOOBIN: "-- where he says -- let's -- here let's look at the tweet itself. 'Perhaps loss of citizenship'. The Supreme Court has also said that that cannot be a penalty for any crime. You can't be -- you can't lose your citizenship. You can lose your right to vote, of course you can lose your freedom by going to jail, but you cannot be sentenced to loss of your citizenship, which is, you know, just another aspect of -- you know, the legal problems with the tweet."

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