Tucker Carlson Hammers Wesleyan U. Pres.: Is It Your Job to Prevent a Candidate from Getting Elected?

‘You said Donald Trump would if he were elected president reduce the voting rights for black Americans?’


CARLSON: “I want to quote you. You’re saying these are small steps to be sure in the face of a very frightening wave of press to roll back the civil rights gains made in recent decades. Is there a civil right to enter the United States illegally and be educated at the public expense, and does that right apply to all 8 billion people in the world?”

ROTH: “Of course not.”

CARLSON: “Then what are you talking about?”

ROTH: “There has been throughout the campaign threats to roll back advances for voting rights, for rights for African-Americans, for rights for —“

CARLSON: “Which rights for African-Americans?

ROTH: “Excuse me?”

CARLSON: “Which rights for African-Americans?”

ROTH: “Voting rights for African-Americans. It’s very clear that voting restrictions in several states were surgically — I think I’m quoting now — surgically developed to keep black people from voting.

CARLSON: “Donald Trump has threatened to remove — hold on. You made the allegation. I want you to explain it. You said Donald Trump would if he were elected president reduce the voting rights for black Americans? That didn’t happen.

ROTH: “As you quoted me, what I said is that there is a great threat to roll back civil rights decades. You can see that in the rhetoric of the campaign and what we have said is that we will not cooperate unless forced to through warrants and subpoenas with federal efforts —“ 

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