Andre Carson: Nancy Pelosi ‘Will Remain Our Leader’

‘I think Leader Pelosi is a dynamic leader’

CARSON: "Well, I think Leader Pelosi is a dynamic leader. She's a strong leader. She's a very powerful and decisive and intelligent leader. She gets the job done. I have had the chance to work with her. I have traveled with her recently to Afghanistan. She's deeply concerned about our troops. She took a chance in putting me on the House Intelligence Committee in the midst of great criticism. Tim Ryan is a fellow Midwesterner. He's my dear buddy and personal friend, and not in the political sense. He's my friend friend. But I think that in any kind of setup or organization, competition is good. Competition is good for the marketplace, right? Competition is good for in this manner, so it forces us to raise important questions, to analyze our critiques and criticisms of one another, to make us stronger and better. But I think Leader Pelosi will remain our leader." 

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