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Seth Rogen Makes out with His Mom at the MTV Movie Awards
'Let's get this over with -- '

Seth Rogen Makes Out with His Mom at the MTV Movie Awards (Mediaite)

Best Kiss is one of the categories at the MTV Movie Awards, because, well, it’s the MTV Movie Awards. And in introducing that category tonight, things got a little awkward when Seth Rogen ended up making out with his own mother on stage. Rogen, Zac Efron, and Dave Franco all gave random audience members the chance at an on-stage kiss to make their dreams come true or something, but the golden ticket with Rogen’s name on it ended up under his mom’s seat.

Rogen hesitated a bit and acted incredibly embarrassed, before just whole-heartedly embracing the whole thing and passionately kissing his mother. Which was, um, odd to watch.

Of course, Franco then went and made it weird when he said it made him a little hard.

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