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Megyn Kelly to CAIR: Every Time Someone Criticizes CAIR 'You Threaten a Lawsuit'
'Every time you hear something you don't like, you try to shut down the message'

Megyn Kelly Rips CAIR Spokesman: 'I'm Not Going to Let You Hijack This Segment' (NewsBusters)

Fox News's Megyn Kelly clashed with CAIR again in a taped segment that aired Thursday night on The Kelly File. Arguing over the recent uproar at Brandeis University, Kelly ripped CAIR for suing its critics and trying to "silence" them.

For those who haven't heard, Brandeis intended to honor human rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali at its graduation, but pulled its invitation after backlash over her criticism of Islam as anti-women. CAIR called her a "notorious Islamophobe." The organization's spokesman then defended its stance on Thursday night, but Kelly wouldn't have it.

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