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Flashback Grabien Montage: ‘Harry Reid, Stalker’
Has Senator Reid’s interest in the Koch brothers gone from obsession to something far worse? Grabien takes a look ...

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From April 9th, 2014:

Aanyone who's paid attention to Sen. Harry Reid’s speeches over the last two weeks, it’s hard to deny his preoccupation with the Koch brothers is veering close to full-on obsession status. Nary a Senate speech is given these days without the now customary condemnation of the Koch brothers.

Worried, we asked a psychiatrist what's bedeviling the Nevada senator. 

A persecution complex? Paranoid delusions? 

In fact, this New York City-based psychiatrist said, it could be “erotomania and may be associated with stalking. Actually, you might use the term stalking."

Curious whether this could be true, we looked back at the evidence.

We discovered he just might be onto something. Take a look.

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