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Brezinski Reveals MSNBC Is Guilty of Gender Pay Bias
'You can't prove it ... unless you're me and have a cohost who will tell you what he makes and back you when you try to fix it'

SCARBOROUGH: "I'm asking --"
BRZEZINSKI: "OK, they're argument --"
SCARBOROUGH: "I'm asking why it was necessary for the president to sign that bill yesterday if it's already the law of the land that you can't discriminate against women?"
BRZEZINSKI: "Exactly, equal pay for equal work, and there is a law against it. Except the law doesn't work because you can't prove it. You can't prove it unless you're Lily Ledbetter and someone by mistake gives you pay stubs, or unless you're me and you have a co-host who will tell you what he makes and then back you when you go in there and fix it -- like you did. Otherwise it doesn't work for the women with no voice out there -- which is most of the women in America -- who don't have the platform I have, who don't have a progressive boss or a great group to work for, and a man who can help with the problem, who will actually be transparent."

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