Bo Dietl: In the NYPD, We Used to Call Al Sharpton 'The Fat Rat'

'When he says he didn’t know he was an informant, that’s a lot of baloney. Al Sharpton knew what he was doing--he was cooperating with the FBI'

Ex NYPD Cop: We Used to Call Sharpton ‘The Fat Rat’ (Washington Free Beacon)

Former NYPD detective Bo Dietl told Sean Hannity Al Sharpton’s contention that he did not know he was an FBI informant in the 1980s is “a lot of baloney.”

Sharpton fiercely maintained in a press conference earlier today that he was not a “rat” following revelations Sharpton attempted to buy cocaine from an undercover FBI agent.

Dietl, speaking Tuesday evening on Fox News, revealed the NYPD had a special nickname for Sharpton after the current MSNBC host became an informant:

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