Judge Slaps Down Trump Lawyer in Lawsuit over Nevada Polling Hours

‘I am not going to expose people doing their civic duty to help people vote..to public attention, ridicule and harassment’

Judge Totally Slaps Down Trump Lawyer in Lawsuit Over Nevada Polling Hours (LawNewz)

A judge in Clark County, Nevada refused to grant an order in a lawsuit brought by Donald Trumpand his campaign over extended early voting hours. The complaint, filed Monday night against Joe P. Gloria, the county registrar of voters, is over an area including Las Vegas that has a high minority population. Trump contended that the after-hours voting was “coordinated with Democratic activists” in order to favor the Democratic party. Judge Gloria Sturman wasn’t having it when Trump’s lawyers asked to make the names of Nevada poll workers public.

Judge Sturman also pointed out that Trump’s complaint didn’t even ask for such records. All it asked for was to set aside votes and voting records, which the registrar has to maintain anyway. Also, Judge Sturman didn’t even understand how that could be relevant. “How are you going to match up any electronic data with any specific person at any specific time?” she asked. The judge pointed out that even a time stamp showing that someone voted after 8pm doesn’t show when the voter got on line. They could have been waiting for hours, she suggested.

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