Sean Duffy: ‘I Take the FBI at Their Word’

‘I don’t focus on what Donald Trump says or does’


DUFFY: "First of all, I don’t focus on what Donald Trump says or does. If we are talking about e-mails we are talking about Hillary Clinton and the corruption of her having private and secure e-mails on her private server and the fact that she was extremely careless with top secret information. That is the conversation that so many are thinking about as the new letter came out. I think Donald Trump is frustrated, though. I think he makes a good point. The FBI reviewed 650,000 e-mails in nine days is pretty remarkable but from my perspective I take the FBI at their word. I think they are trying to do the best job that they can. I think only later on whether through the FBI having a hearing with Congress or if it comes through leaks do we find out what information the FBI had and will we be able to judge Director Comey and the decisions made during the campaign." 

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