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'Terrorist Organization': Beck Slams Gay Groups For Targeting Mozilla
'You keep everyone in fear'

"It's being celebrated that somebody who donated $1,000 six years ago has lost their job now. So in addition to a ton of outrage by gay groups and activists over Eich's donation -- by the way, I hope that gay is currently the accepted term. I don't know if its homosexual and I don't know if it's queer. If it's queer, I feel uncomfortable because it had been drummed into my head that queer is a slam. And I know now sometimes people use queer, I don't know if I'm allowed to use queer. I don't know if homosexual -- It was not supposed to be 'gay' because that was a slam, and so everybody was trying to use the term homosexual. But now everybody's being trained -- and I think, I think the accepted word is gay. I don't know any more because you keep changing all the rules depending on how you feel. Or is it that -- it's not that you feel that way? Is it these groups are becoming a -- nothing but a terrorist organization? That just by changing the language I can lose my job if I say homosexual or gay or queer? I could lose my job. And so you never know, and so you keep in fear. Is that what it is? Or is it because something is really wrong here."

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