ABC Uses Footage of Hateful Westboro Baptist During Report on Ousted Mozilla CEO

Footage of Westboro Baptist protesters with "God Hates Fags" and "Soldiers Die 4 Fag Marriage" signs appeared on-screen during the report

ABC Uses Footage of Hateful Westboro Baptist to Slime CEO Who Opposed Gay Marriage (NewsBusters)

According to Good Morning America's Linzie Janis, a CEO who made a donation in opposition to gay marriage is the same as the hateful members of Westboro Baptist. On Friday, Janis reported on Brendan Eich, the former head of the tech company Mozilla. Eich was ousted after liberal groups found out that in 2008 he made a $1000 donation to support Proposition 8 in California.

As  Janis spoke about the six-year-old donation, video footage of Westboro Baptist protesters with "God hates fags" and "soldiers die 4 fag marriage" signs appeared on-screen.

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