Trump: ‘Obama Is the First President in Modern History Not to Have a Single Year of 3% Growth’

‘If China goes down to 7% or 8% GDP it’s like a national catastrophe’

"At the core of my contract is my plan to bring back our jobs. You have been suffering with the jobs. The jobs have gone like candy been taken from a baby. New numbers just released put the average growth rate for this year at a disastrous 1.5 percent. If China goes down to 7 or 8 percent GDP, you know it’s like a national catastrophe. Last month, we were at -- last quarter we were at 1 percent. Our job numbers last week were horrible. They were horrible. They were anemic as the expression goes. They like to say anemic, that was the word they used. Obama is the first president in modern history not to have a single year of 3 percent growth. (Booing) And they say it's hard because we are a large country."

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