CBS Reporter Attacked By Anti-Obama Protester During Live Report

‘Obama is a war criminal!’

Obama Protester Attacks CBS Reporter During Live Report (Mediaite)

An anti-Obama protester attacked CBS Chicago reporter Jay Levine during a live broadcast Wednesday afternoon from outside a restaurant where the president would attend a fundraiser.

“Obama is a war criminal,” the unidentified protester shouted as he grabbed the microphone from Levine. The CBS reporter swung back and another man appeared to tackle the demonstrator.

“I’ve obviously gotten a little reinforcement here from one of the protesters who decided to speak his mind on live TV,” Levine said afterwards. “Obviously that’s his right to do.”

Chicago-based media critic Robert Feder noticed that NBC News had broadcasted from the same location at the same time, picking up the kerfuffle during their own live report from Mary Ann Ahern.

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