Stewart: When Sh*# Hit the Fan, GM Decides To Promote 'Car Gal'

'Holy (bleep). They hired her and then told her during her orientation'

STEWART: "So GM has known for over a decade about a deadly design flaw, waited years to attempt to fix it. Botched the fix. Threatened to recoup legal costs from anybody who tried to litigate the issue and when the (bleep) hit the fan, decided maybe it's time to promote car gal. And so, on January 15, 2014, Mary Barra took over GM and was soon thereafter meaning yesterday, offered an all expense paid trip to Washington's romantic house hearing room."
[video clip]
WELCH: "This ignition switch issue was first -- came to light in 2006, is that correct?"
BARRA: "It came to light to me on January 31, 2014."
[end video clip]
STEWART: "Holy (bleep). They hired her and then told her during her orientation."

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