Huckabee: ‘They Have to Pump Oxygen in the Room to Keep Them Awake’ at Hillary’s Rallies

‘Trump supporters will go to the polls, if it rains 16 inches think will swim right through the rainwater to get there’

HUCKABEE: "If it's low turnout I think that is bad for Hillary. Because, I’m convinced Bill, that Trump supporters are going to the polls, if it rains 16 inches they're going to swim right through the rainwater to get there. But look at difference between the rallies that Trump is holding and the intensity of his voters. They'll stand in line for eight hours to maybe, and maybe not even get in the building. Hillary’s rallies? I mean, good grief, they have to pump Oxygen in the room to keep them awake. And the numbers are low. I mean, Tim Kaine had 30 people show up."

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