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Sen. Tom Coburn: ObamaCare Cuts Choices, Not Costs
'We've disrupted 6 million people with insurance they were happy with to truly insure another 885,000'

Coburn: Obamacare Cuts Choices, Not Costs (Washington Free Beacon)

Sen. Tom Coburn (R.,Okla.) responded to President Obama’s speech yesterday afternoon, during which he touted Obamacare and proclaimed that the national health exchange is here to stay.

Coburn debunked every Obamacare advantage the president promised, citing limited coverage and higher deductibles among the negative affects of the President’ signature health program.

He also sternly rebuked the President for saying that he is open to ideas to fix Obamacare. The President has repeatedly turned down every solution Republicans have proposed, Coburn told Fox News’ Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

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