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Reich: Ryan's 'Cruel and Unusual' Budget Slices Every Program the Poor Depend On
'It ought to be barred by the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution'

FARROW: "Paul Ryan emphasized inner city plight, he's gone on listening tours focusing on poverty. By cutting out items like SNAP, this food assistance program, does he somewhat discredit his own pro-poverty, poverty-focused credentials that he's trying to convey?"
REICH: "Well, he announced the budget or at least the preliminary budget today by saying that this would help the poor because it would help them get off welfare dependence. It doesn't just get them off welfare dependence, this slices not only food stamps, but almost every program that the poor depend on in this country. This is not an April Fool's joke, however, this is not really a budget. This is really Paul Ryan's and Republicans plan. This is their campaign platform from 2014 and Paul Ryan's platform from 2016. So don't take it seriously as a budget. But it is cruel and unusual, it ought to be barred by the Eighth Amendment."
FARROW: "Those are strong words. Tell us how you really feel."

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