Jenny McCarthy, Sherri Shepherd Go Topless on The View

'Lena [Dunham], she gets press every week for being naked--we're jumping on the bandwagon'

SHEPHERD: "Apparently not everyone has body image issues, Jenny, because Lena Dunham took her nudity to new levels on the latest episode of 'Girls,' where she strapped on some lingerie that let it all hang out. Take a look."

DUNHAM: "Don't force me to do this, it's just my underpants."
DRIVER: "You look like a Christmas tree. Skirt too."
DUNHAM: "It's humiliating to show off my house underwear like this. You're so demanding."
DRIVER: "Crawl on the bed."
DUNHAM: "Do you want me to eat all the foods?"

MCCARTHY: "I mean. It's a shame. Thank you, thank you."
SHEPHERD: "Lena, she gets press every week for being naked. We're jumping on the bandwagon."
MCCARTHY: "True, we want more ratings, too."
SHEPHERD: "Wait a minute, look at my black box. Why is my big black box so much bigger than yours?"
MCCARTHY: "My god. They are are -"
SHEPHERD: "You got a a cute little rectangle black box, my whole family --"
MCCARTHY: "Well anyway, thanks so much again, here's -- have a great day everyone."

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