Norah O'Donnell: What Do We Say to 'Those Climate Change Deniers'?

The CBS host was assessing a United Nations report predicting catastrophic weather in the future

CBS's Norah O'Donnell Smears Global Warming Skeptics as 'Deniers' (NewsBusters)

CBS This Morning co-anchor Norah O'Donnell on Monday adopted alarmist language for global warming. She referred to climate skeptics as "deniers." CBS offered two stories on a new United Nations report predicting catastrophic weather in the future. 

Physicist Michio Kaku appeared as a guest and worried, "But collectively, 100-year storms, 100-year floods, 100-year droughts, 100-year forest fires. I mean,  something very dangerously is happening with the weather."  O'Donnell sneered, "And to those climate change deniers?"

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