ObamaCare Deadline: Administration Claims It's Reached Enrollment Target

The administration has not said how many plans have actually become active

The health law: Post-enrollment, 6 things to watch for (USA Today)

Just because open enrollment for people who buy their own health insurance formally closes March 31, it doesn't mean debate over the health law will take a hiatus. After more than four years of strident rhetoric, evidence about how the law is actually working is starting to trickle in. Here are six things to watch before the next enrollment period begins in November:

1. How many enrolled, really?

Rightly or wrongly, this figure has become a yardstick by which some are measuring the law's success. But no one can give an accurate accounting yet.

President Obama announced Thursday that the administration had hit the 6 million enrollment mark — the revised projection of the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (which had initially forecast 7 million before the disastrous rollout of the online marketplaces last October).

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