ObamaCare’s 1 Year Anniversary: Meet the ‘Victims of ObamaCare’

Hear from Americans experiencing ObamaCare in a real-life setting

NPR reports, "Exactly one year ago, the Obamacare insurance exchanges stumbled into existence. Consumers struggled to sign up for its online marketplace — and the Obama administration was pummeled."

So, was the health exchanges' first year a success — or something less?

Grabien has posted news clips of Americans contending with the new law since the program launched in our series called "Victims of ObamaCare." The following is a montage of the most compelling tales. 

As ObamaCare literally affects every single American, this is a video every American needs to see.

This montage was created from the following Grabien clips:

SECTION 1: 'The Website Works Pretty Darn Well'

March 13, 2014: Obama on ObamaCare Website: 'It Works Pretty Darn Well' Now

March 17, 2014: Michigan: 84,000 Medicaid Applicants Still Waiting Due to ObamaCare Glitches

March 19, 2014: Florida: Woman Finds it Impossible to Cancel Her ObamaCare Plan

March 13, 2014: Washington State: Woman Has Been Trying to Enroll in ObamaCare for a Month

March 3, 2014: Washington: 15,000 Applicants Are 'Stuck' in ObamaCare Exchange

March 25, 2014: Rhode Island: Residents Frustrated That ObamaCare Website Is Still Not Working

February 11, 2014: Maryland: ObamaCare Website Will Not Be Fixed by March 31st Deadline

February 3, 2014: Mississippi: Man Finally Enrolls in ObamaCare ... After Over 3,000 Attempts

February 27, 2014: Florida Residents Finding it Impossible to Cancel ObamaCare Plans

SECTION 2: 'You Can Keep Your Plan if You Like It'

August 15, 2009: Obama Flashback: 'If You Like Your Doctor or Health Care Plan, You Can Keep It'

October 28, 2013: CBS: 'Thousands of Health Care Plans Canceled' Due to ObamaCare

February 3, 2014: 'The Unaffordable Medical Tax': Delaware Doctor Calls ObamaCare a 'Disaster'

January 7, 2014: New York: Woman's Care Delayed and Insurance Cancelled Due to ObamaCare

October 29, 2013: NBC: Small Business Owner's Premiums Increase By 400 Percent, Existing Plan Cancelled

October 30, 2013: Minnesota: At Least 140,000 Losing Health Plans

October 31, 2013: Seattle, WA: 200,000 Residents Losing Health Plans

November 5, 2013: Maryland: 73,000 Losing Insurance Due to ObamaCare

November 6, 2013: North Carolina: Woman's Premium Up 50%

November 11, 2013: ObamaCare Forces Doctor to Change Workers' Health Plans

November 13, 2013: Florida Cancer Patient Loses Coverage Due To ObamaCare

November 25, 2013: ObamaCare Causes Cancer Patient to Lose Coverage

November 25, 2013: ObamaCare Victim on Losing Coverage: It's Mind-Numbing

October 28, 2013: WGEM: ObamaCare Sticker Shock Slamming Small Businesses in Illinois

November 25, 2013: NBC: Large Employers Cutting Benefits Due to ObamaCare's 'Cadillac Tax'

November 25, 2013: 'He Lied to Me': Alabamans Upset Over Obama's Broken Promises

December 5, 2013: Pennsylvania: Couple Loses Coverage; Still Unable to Enroll in ObamaCare

December 12, 2013: New Jersey: ObamaCare Forcing More Residents Out of Health Plans

December 12, 2013: ObamaCare Causes Doctor to Lose Health Coverage

December 29, 2013: Michigan: Car Dealer Employees Face Higher Deductibles and Costs Due to ObamaCare

October 29, 2013: ObamaCare Defender Loses Insurance Coverage, Forced To Look for a Cheaper Premium

November 13, 2013: Florida Cancer Patient Loses Coverage Due To ObamaCare

November 7, 2013: Obama Apologizes: 'Sorry' to Americans Who Are 'Finding Themselves in Tough Situations Based on Assurances They Got from Me'

SECTION 3: 'You Can Keep Your Doctor If You Like It'

August 15, 2009: Obama Flashback: 'If You Like Your Doctor or Health Care Plan, You Can Keep It'

March 14, 2014: Woman With Pre-Existing Condition Called 'Cancer' Can't Find an ObamaCare Doctor

February 13, 2014: California: Residents Upset Because They Can't Keep Their Doctors Under ObamaCare

February 11, 2014: Texas: Doctors Fleeing From ObamaCare

February 10, 2014: Connecticut: Doctors Saying No to ObamaCare Plans

February 10, 2014: California: People Enrolled in ObamaCare Facing Limited Options

February 8, 2014: Washington: Children Losing Access to Doctors Due to ObamaCare

March 5, 2014: Cancer Patient Learns He's Not Covered Under ObamaCare ... After His Surgery

January 27, 2014: Tennessee: ObamaCare Forcing Residents to Lose Their Doctors

January 22, 2014: Aetna CEO: Only 11 Percent of ObamaCare Signups Have Been From the Uninsured (clip)

December 16, 2013: South Carolina: Cancer Patient Loses a Month of Health Coverage Due to ObamaCare

February 5, 2014: New York: Stage-Four Cancer Patient With ObamaCare Turned Away by Hospital

October 31, 2013: Oregon: 150,000 Residents Losing Health Plans Under ObamaCare

March 14, 2014: Obama: Under ObamaCare, Americans 'Might End up Having To Switch Doctors'

SECTION 4: ObamaCare Will Reduce Current Premiums

March 19, 2014: Texas: Woman Can't Afford the Cost of the Affordable Care Act

March 18, 2014: Iowa: Pastor Diagnosed With Cancer Finds ObamaCare 'Anything But Affordable'

March 4, 2014: Alabama: ObamaCare Is Too Expensive for a Woman With a Prosthetic Leg

February 17, 2014: Woman's Premium Increases From $53 to $373 Under 'Affordable' Care Act

February 6, 2014: Texas Couple Calls ObamaCare Options 'Insane,' and 'a Real Big Increase'

January 29, 2014: Pennsylvania: Small Business Hit With Skyrocketing Health Costs From ObamaCare

January 1, 2014: Man's Premium Doubles After ObamaCare Kicks Him Off His Health Plan

October 9, 2013: WAFF-AL: Alabama Family's Premiums Skyrocketing by Nearly 300% Due to ObamaCare

October 9, 2013: KNBC-CA: Californians Getting Dropped From Existing Health Plans Due to ObamaCare

October 10, 2013: WFMZ-PA: ObamaCare Forces A Mother To Choose Between Insurance Or Putting Food On Table

October 21, 2013: KCAL-CA: California Woman's Insurance Terminated Due to ObamaCare

October 28, 2013: Calif. Woman Says Because of ObamaCare She'll Go Bankrupt if She Gets Ill

November 20, 2013: Alabama: Another Family Hit With ObamaCare Sticker Shock

December 4, 2013: Rep. Bachmann: My Family's Health Care Just Increased to $2,400 a Month

March 3, 2014: Obama: If You Still Can't Afford Insurance, Maybe You Qualify for a Tax Credit

SECTION 5: ObamaCare Won't Impact Employer-Provided Coverage

August 20, 2009: Flashback: Obama Promises Employer-Provided Insurance Won't Be Affected


March 5, 2014: Texas: Hospitals Laying Off Nurses Because of ObamaCare

March 20, 2014: North Carolina: ObamaCare Mandate Forcing Employers to Cut Hours

March 14, 2014: Maine: Hospital Hit With $27 Million in Costs Due to ObamaCare


February 26, 2014: Illinois: ObamaCare Hurting Police Officers

January 8, 2014: Ohio: Firefighters Have Hours Cut Due to ObamaCare

December 9, 2013: Michigan: Firefighters, First Responders Facing Cuts in Hours Due to ObamaCare

December 17, 2013: South Carolina: ObamaCare Threatening Future of Volunteer Fire Department

December 12, 2013: Ohio: ObamaCare Threatening Volunteer Firefighters


February 24, 2014: North Carolina: School District Cuts Teachers' Hours Because of ObamaCare

February 6, 2014: Alabama: Schools Face Shortage of Substitute Teachers Due to ObamaCare

March 3, 2014: Washington: ObamaCare Puts Alcohol, Drug Treatment Programs in Jeopardy

December 10, 2013: Missouri: ObamaCare Costing Schools $150,000 in Fines

March 3, 2014: Wisconsin: School District Slammed With $2 Million in Potential ObamaCare Fines


February 18, 2014: West Virginia: Three Daycare Centers Close in Part Because of ObamaCare

December 16, 2013: Reno, Nevada: ObamaCare Forces Gym to End Daycare Service

February 11, 2014: Louisiana Business Cutting Employee Hours Due to ObamaCare

February 3, 2014: Tennessee: Local Businesses Stop Growing Due to ObamaCare Regulations

January 1, 2014: Report: Michigan Has at Least 1,000 Fewer Jobs Due to ObamaCare

February 27, 2014: VA Small Business Hit With 40 Percent Increase in Insurance Due to ObamaCare

February 6, 2014: AOL CEO: ObamaCare Will Cost AOL $7.1 Million

January 13, 2014: North Carolina: Moving Company Faces $275,000 in Costs Due to ObamaCare

October 11, 2013: KRCG-MO: Missouri Grocery Store May Cut Back on Hiring and Cut 401K Due to ObamaCare

November 19, 2013: Oklahoma: Small Businesses Hit With Premium Increases Due To ObamaCare

December 4, 2013: Boise, Idaho: Small Business Owner's Premium Doubles Under ObamaCare

December 2, 2013: UPS CFO: ObamaCare Forced Us to Drop Coverage for 15,000 Spouses of Employees

December 12, 2013: ObamaCare Costs Pile Up for Nevada Union Workers Who Supported Obama

February 17, 2014: Sebelius: It 'Just Is Not Accurate' That Jobs Have Been Lost As a Result of ObamaCare

SECTION 6: ObamaCare Reduces Costs for Taxpayers

March 10, 2014: Only CBS Reports That Prisons Will Now Be Enrolling Inmates in ObamaCare

February 28, 2014: Maryland: Residents Upset Over 'Major' ObamaCare Problems

February 3, 2014: Cover Oregon' May Have Mismanaged Tens of Millions of Taxpayer Dollars

August 23, 2013: Obama: We Don't Have an Urgent Deficit Crisis - Pt. 1

SECTION: 7: Helps the Uninsured

February 19, 2014: California: State Exchange Struggling to Enroll Uninsured Latinos in ObamaCare

January 22, 2014: Aetna CEO: Only 11 Percent of ObamaCare Signups Have Been From the Uninsured (clip)

November 19, 2013: Colorado: Man Signs Up For ObamaCare; His Dog Gets Covered Instead - Clip 1

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