MSNBC: Jacksonville, Fla. Expected To Be Hit Hard Later Today; Concern Over Double Digit Storm Surge

‘Mayor here in Jacksonville ordered the evacuation of 450,000 people’

GUTIERREZ: "So we just had a rain band go through, Mika. Heavy rain for about 15-20 minutes or so. The wind actually died down just in the last minute or two but Jacksonville is expected to get hit hard later on this afternoon. The concern here, as you guys have been mentioning, is this concern for storm surge. The mayor here in Jacksonville ordered the evacuation of 450,000 people. You think, 'Listen, people in Florida are used to hurricanes.' Well, this area is not used to a hurricane quite this size. The last time a hurricane impacted this area was 1898. Thankfully, with it taking a bit of a different track, that may limit the wind damage in this area as Bill Karins has been talking about. But again, the concern is here for a double digit storm surge. Behind me is St. John’s River. We expect the wind and rain to really kick up here in the early afternoon into the evening hours."

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